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Hardware + Software for fast safety 

How it Works

Our work sites are quickly out-pacing the communications infrastructure that we need to effectively operate. Implementing networks or using satellite phones can get expensive fast.

LifeShel offers distributed devices given to EVERY worker on your site to allow communication of the essential information at a fraction of the cost of outfitting your work force with alternative methods.

Safety and Reporting

No matter where your job site is, we’ve got you covered.

LifeShel's satellite based reporting system makes sure that workers can alert supervisors and HQ about the most critical problems at the touch of a button.

Stick and Forget

Our distributed systems are all hard hat mounted and designed to last at least 2 years.

Never worry about whether your workers are carrying their pendants or other devices. Our devices are intrinsically safe for use on sites at risk for explosion.

Stealth Mode:

Hold the buttons together to silently notify the police and loved ones without drawing attention to your self.

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